Stop chasing those programs that are here today and gone tomorrow. This company has been running for 11 successful years already in Asia, and is now expanding to the rest of the world. Be one of the first to join us in this passive opportunity which can give you returns of up to 1350%. 

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Earning Potential

Returns of up to…

Earning potential for levels 1 to 5
Earning potential for level 6

Entry levels

Level 1

  • Earn up to 13.5 times

Level 2

  • Earn up to 13.5 times

Level 3

  • Earn up to 13.5 times

Level 4

  • Earn up to 13.5 times

Level 5

  • Earn up to 13.5 times

Level 6

  • Earn up to 17.5 times

5 Ways to Earn from a REAL BUSINESS!

Rarely will you be given the opportunity to participate in a real business which offers Life Saving Hi Tech products and services. This HOT product offers you FIVE ways to earn. Choose to do just one or all five businesses, and you could be set for life.

Above image: Company Research and Development Center

The 5 ways to earn.

  • 100% passive through shares – 2018*.
  • 100% passive through equity – trade, buy, sell when you want.
  • Earn by introducing new members – Social Compensation Earnings*.
  • Earn by brand licensing new businesses*.
  • Earn by selling machinery and product*.

Items marked with an * are optional.

Some Quick Facts

  • Listed on XMEE Cross Strait Equity Exchange (stock code: 861111).

  • SGS Certified.
  • PICC Certified.
  • Owns Utility Model Patent.
  • Owns Design Patent.
  • In Traditional Business for 11 years.
  • Own Factory, Research & Development Center and Several Outlets.
  • Seeking to expand internationally through a new business model.

Above image: Company participating in Automobile Exhibition


Puncture Proofing Technology


Jing Mao VIP

Shopping Mall


Alisen ADN

Crowd Funding


A Ready Made Market worth BILLIONS!

There are billions of cars worldwide. Every time you get into a vehicle you are risking your life and that of your loved ones, and the fact of the matter is that most accidents can be avoided. Did you know that 46% of all traffic accidents are caused by tyre blowout?

Solving this problem is this company’s business – and you can be part of this multi billion dollar industry and profit by helping save lives. What better way to earn a living?


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